Hunting News | Huge Wild Boar Killed in Texas “Fact or Fiction!”

Where Was This Giant Boar Killed?

Rumor has it this wild boar was killed near the town of Cut-N-Shoot TX.  Despite Internet rumors and widely circulated e-mails claiming a medical radiology worker shot a mammoth 1,800-pound wild boar on the eastern side Conroe, officials say it is not true. No valid reports can be produced to verify this animal was taken in the town of Conroe or the State of Texas for that matter. The Conroe Courier received an anonymous  e-mail,  with three photos attached – stating the huge wild boar was shot and killed near the Lone Star Executive Airport while on a Texas hog hunt. Montgomery County residents have reported wild boars destroying property and moving through high-traffic areas for years. But no one has ever sited or reported a giant wild boar like what the photographs show.

The Real Story  ”If True” Has more Realistic Information!

According to a French hunting magazine published in 2005, the big boar was shot in July 2005 in the country of Turkey by hunters on an expedition hosted by Nature Tour Hunts. A 300 caliber magnum rifle was used to bring the huge wild boar down. This is the largest reported wild boar ever taken in Turkey, weighing around 781 pounds – the reporting magazine stated. The photos revealed “Nature Tours” logo on the side of a vehicle in one of the photos — indeed points to a Turkish hunting website on which the same images are displayed.

“Fact or Fiction!”

The story of this boar weighing in at over 1,800 lb. sounds a little far fetched. If  killed by a medical radiology worker what is his name and where is this animal on display? I agree this wild boar is extremely huge but 1800lbs, I don’t think so! I don’t know for sure what I would do if I met an animal like this face to face. What would you do if this beast was coming at you? Run for dear life? I don’t thick you could outrun one of these big guys. The largest reported boars seen in Montgomery County weigh between 350 to 400 pounds, but that’s not to say “they can’t get bigger than that”!



3 Responses to “Hunting News | Huge Wild Boar Killed in Texas “Fact or Fiction!””

  1. luiz quinhones levy says:

    This wild boar is killed by a Portuguese hunter called Fernando Jordão with Nature Tours in Turkey

  2. Todd Proffit says:

    WOW! Really huge.

  3. putilla jodie says:

    Damn man !!!! That is a whole lot of bacon

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