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Early Season Bow Hunting Strategies

Bow hunting early season can be challenging  because of the heat. The warm temperatures is something bowhunters have to become used to if they don’t want to give up a good part of the early season. Early season bow hunts require some strategies we can apply to succeed when the temperatures are far better for swatting mosquitoes than hunting. Deer are somewhat predicable the first week or two of the season although the weather may alter or delay when and where deer move, it will not totally eliminate the need deer have to travel at least short distances as they head for the dinner table. So that means they are bedding close to their preffered food source.

How Heat Affects Deer Movement

Remember deer are wild animals that have to eat to survive, sooner or later every evening and morning they will have to move to find food. When whitetail deer shed their summer coats, they are physically prepared for colder weather even though the seasonal temperatures don’t cooperate for them. This is why deer movement is slim, so they tend to arrange their patterns so that they don’t have to move any more than is absolutely necessary. From past experience deer will bed very close to their food and water source is early bow season. Placing a stand between their late summer bedding area and the food of choice is the best thing you can do.

Control Your Scent

Scent control is a major problem when hunting in the heat. Make sure you keep the wind in your favor because if they smell you your early season is generally over. Keeping your clothes scent free and clean should be your top priority in early bow season for scent control. Scent free containers along with odor killing soaps, detergents and field sprays should be things every bowhunter uses to cut down and eliminate human odor. Not only do I spray down before I head to a tree stand I will spray again or use field wipes that I carry in a zip lock bag after settling in my stand.

Don’ forget practice makes perfect as far as target shooting your bow. When selecting an ambush site make sure that the deer have a secure place to bed far enough away from your stand so that they won’t see or hear  you entering the area or climbing into your stand.


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  1. Iron Cooker says:

    Very nice post. Scent cover is one of the most overlooked things by most hunters that i encounter. Not only eliminating our sent but setting up a distraction has been a big key to a good hunt.
    There is many good products for sale these days & you have displayed a good brand. making sure you know how to use them along with the detailed practice is going to be a key factor to a good hunt.

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